Oni lernas per siaj eraroj!


I believe that one learns best from one’s mistakes. It is the small foibles that make language learning exciting, ĉu ne?

Yesterday was a very hot day here in North Georgia for this time of year: 92F/33C. I wrote a Tweet (in EO, of course) where I expressed my dislike of summer. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t take the time to proofread and check words against the vortaro, and I ended up writing, “Mi malŝatas sumeron.”

Someone pointed out that I was not using the correct word, so I checked and found that I misspelled the word. It should be SOMERO: Mi malŝatas someron.

Interestingly, SUMERO/SUMERIO means “Sumer/Sumeria.”

Despite the embarrassment of my mistake, I did learn from this experience. I now will remember how to spell SOMERO properly, and I learned the Esperanto name for an ancient civilization.

Yet another productive example of an error becoming a learning opportunity! Never be afraid of making mistakes!


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